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What Colour is This?

Here is something that only around  1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women think about. What colour of route marking tape is the best if you are colour blind? This actually came up for the first time this summer; it seems like most colour blind people just suffer in silence, so nobody had mentioned it until recently. We used to use white but switched to blaze orange (for a reason mentioned below). One of our course flaggers could not see the orange tape at all, which posed a real problem when it came time to take it down.  Colour blindness falls into four main categories: red, green, and blue deficiency, as well as the rarer condition of total colour blindness. Using the app Color Blind Pal (iOS and Android), you can approximate what people with each of the three main types of deficiency see when they look at different colours. Keep in mind that there are variations of each, and some people have more severe colour blindness than others.  SO... take a look at the four rows of tape below. The
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What We Do in the Winter

Someone asked,   "what the heck do you and your crew do in the winter" ? Well, I'm glad you asked. If you want to know more about what we're up to off-season, here's a snapshot.  Personally, I get up with the sun so when winter creeps in so I sleep in, then I work late into the night. I go cross-country skiing after work whenever I can. That said, the work doesn't stop and organizing our events is full-time for me. I did take a two-week holiday for the first time since before Covid - I'm not sure if it helped or not because now I have 500 unread emails! :S    Most of our crew are seasonal, with a few exceptions. Kirsti, who joined us in 2022, is the only other full-time person on the Sin Crew right now, and she handles the bulk of our social media and email inquiries, as well as project work. Alana is plugging away on fulfilling orders from our online shop. Cary gets busier in the winter as we have our year-end in November; he's swamped now. Lynn manag